Ophthalmic Drugs: World Market 2011-2021

Ophthalmic Drugs: World Market 2011-2021

Where will the highest revenue growth occur in the ophthalmic drug market? Our new report shows you the eye disorder treatment market's potential from 2011 to 2021. We forecast and explain the commercial opportunities there.

Our report gives you revenue predictions for ophthalmic treatments from 2011 to 2021. We aim to save you time and aid your decisions through our research, data and discussions. You can stay ahead by ordering our report now.

You will discover revenue prospects for eye disorder drugs at total world, sub-market, product and national levels. We cover drugs for glaucoma, retinal disorders, dry eye, ocular allergy, inflammation and infection. 

In particular, our report shows you how 22 leading ophthalmic drugs will perform to 2021. We forecast revenues for Lucentis, Visudyne, Xalatan, Travatan, Lumigan, Restasis, Patanol, Vigamox and others. 

You will discover ophthalmic revenue prospects for Pfizer, Novartis, Allergan, Merck & Co., Roche and other companies from 2011 onwards.

Our review of ophthalmic R&D includes drug delivery technologies and neuroprotective agents. We discuss the many emerging technologies in ophthalmics. You will discover what products can transform the eye drug market in the future. 

Our new study discusses how companies will overcome challenges - commercial, regulatory, therapeutic and technological - in the world ophthalmic drug market.

We show how companies can seize ophthalmic market opportunities in developed and developing countries. You will see how some organisations can succeed against competition, economic uncertainties and pricing concerns. 

We help you to assess the industry's strengths, weaknesses, trends and opportunities from 2011. You will see where ophthalmics is heading and what companies will do in future. 

Our report gives you data, analyses and opinion to benefit your research, calculations, meetings and presentations. To get that information please respond now.

Industry and market analysis to help your work - so you won't be left behind

Our report gives you revenue forecasts, growth rates, market shares, SWOT analysis, an R&D review and external opinions from our survey. We include 94 tables and charts and three research interviews (shown in the accompanying lists).

We can help you now, making it easier for you to stay ahead in this industry and market.

Ophthalmic Drugs: World Market 2011-2021 shows you revenue trends, opportunities and challenges

Our report gives you the following advantages:
• You will receive hard data for the ophthalmic drug industry and market - especially our revenue forecasts to 2021
• You will discover sales trends for the overall market and its main components from 2009 to 2021 - seeing where revenue growth will occur
• You will see revenue prospects for leading products from 2011 to 2021, with discussions of market potential and competition
• You will find revenue prospects for leading national markets from 2011 to 2021 (US, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, China, India and Brazil)
• You will learn how the ophthalmic treatments industry will change from 2011 to 2021
• You will assess leading companies providing ophthalmic drug treatments, discovering their activities, outlooks and revenue prospects
You will investigate competition and opportunities influencing the world ophthalmic drug market from 2011 onwards
• You will see what will stimulate and restrain the industry and market from 2011
• You will review ophthalmic technologies, assessing pharma R&D potential
• You will investigate commercial requirements - with therapeutic needs and sales opportunities discussed
• You will analyse opportunities for established companies and those seeking to enter the ophthalmics market
• You will view opinions from our survey, including full interview transcripts.

That mix of quantitative and
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Aims, Scope and Format of the Report
1.2 Research and Analysis Methods

2. Ophthalmic Disorders and Treatments
2.1 The Ophthalmic Drug Market
2.2 Ophthalmic Disorders
2.3 The Human Eye and the Vision Process
2.4 Glaucoma
2.4.1 Primary Open Angle Glaucoma: The Most Common Type of Glaucoma
2.4.2 Closed Angle Glaucoma
2.4.3 Secondary Glaucoma
2.4.4 Congenital Glaucoma
2.4.5 Normal Tension Glaucoma
2.4.6 Ocular Hypertension
2.4.7 Glaucoma Risk Factors
2.4.8 Diagnosis of Glaucoma
2.4.9 Prevalence of Glaucoma
2.4.10 Treatment of Glaucoma
2.4.11 Prostaglandins are the First-Line Treatment of Choice
2.4.12 Second-Line Glaucoma Treatments
2.4.13 Combination Treatments
2.4.14 Laser Treatment
2.4.15 Surgery (Trabeculectomy)
2.5 Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
2.5.1 Dry AMD
2.5.2 Wet AMD 
2.5.3 AMD Risk Factors
2.5.4 Diagnosis of AMD
2.5.5 Prevalence of AMD
2.5.6 Treatment of AMD
2.6 Diabetic Retinopathy
2.6.1 Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy
2.6.2 Prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy
2.6.3 Laser and Surgical Treatments are the Main Treatments for Diabetic Retinopathy
2.6.4 Pharmaceutical Treatments
2.7 Ophthalmic Allergies
2.7.1 Allergic Conjunctivitis is the Most-Common Eye Allergy
2.7.2 Ophthalmic Allergy Treatments
2.8 Ophthalmic Inflammatory Disorders
2.8.1 Uveitis is the Most Common Ocular Inflammatory Disease
2.8.2 Ophthalmic Inflammatory Drugs
2.9 Ophthalmic Infections
2.9.1 Types of Eye Infection
2.9.2 Treatment of Eye Infections
2.10 Dry Eye Syndrome
2.10.1 Causes and Prevalence of Dry Eye Syndrome
2.10.2 The Mainstay of Dry Eye Treatment is Artificial Tears
2.10.3 Prescription-Only Drugs for Dry Eye
2.10.4 Tear Augmenters (Punctal Plugs)

3. The World Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Market, 2011-2021
3.1 The Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Market in 2009
3.1.1 The Anti-Glaucoma Segment had the Largest Market Share in 2009
3.1.2 Top Twenty Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Brands, 2009
3.1.3 Three Manufacturers Account for Almost Half the Market
3.2 World Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Market Forecasts, 2009-2021
3.2.1 Generic Competition in the Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Market from 2009-2015
3.2.2 What are the Prospects for the Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Market from 2016-2021?
3.3 Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Therapeutic Category Market Forecasts, 2009-2021
3.3.1 Retinal Disorders Will Power Growth from 2009-2015
3.3.2 Retinal Disorder Revenue Growth Will Continue from 2016-2018
3.3.3 High Growth and Return to Market-Leading Position for Anti-Glaucoma Drugs from 2018 to 2021?

4. The Anti-Glaucoma Market, 2011-2021
4.1 The Anti-Glaucoma Treatment Market in 2009
4.1.1 Prostaglandin Analogues Led the Anti-Glaucoma Market in 2009
4.1.2 Xalatan
4.1.3 Travatan
4.1.4 Lumigan
4.1.5 Cosopt
4.1.6 Alphagan
4.1.7 Azopt
4.1.8 Xalacom
4.1.9 Trusopt
4.1.10 Combigan
4.1.11 Extravan/Duotrav
4.2 Anti-Glaucoma Market Forecasts, 2009-2021
4.2.1 Generic Competition Will Affect the Anti-Glaucoma Market from 2009-2015
4.2.2 Novel Anti-Glaucoma Drugs Will Drive Growth from 2016-2021
4.2.3 Xalatan Sales Forecast, 2009-2021
4.2.4 Travatan Sales Forecast, 2009-2021
4.2.5 Lumigan Sales Forecast, 2009-2021
4.2.6 Cosopt Sales Forecast, 2009-2021
4.2.7 Alphagan Sales Forecast, 2009-2021
4.2.8 Azopt Sales Forecast, 2009-2021
4.2.9 Xalacom Sales Forecast, 2009-2021
4.2.10 Trusopt Sales Forecast, 2009-2021
4.2.11 Combigan Sales Forecast, 2009-2021
4.2.12 Extravan/DuoTrav Sales Forecast, 2009-2021

5. The Ophthalmic Anti-Allergy/Inflammatory/Infective Market, 2011-2021
5.1 The Ophthalmic Anti-Allergy/Inflammatory/Infective Treatment Market in 2009
5.1.1 Patanol
5.1.2 Vigamox/Vegamox
5.1.3 TobraDex
5.1.4 Pataday
5.1.5 Acular
5.1.6 Cravit