Welding Equipment and Supplies: The Global Market

Welding Equipment and Supplies: The Global Market

  • August 2020 •
  • 268 pages •
  • Report ID: 96545 •
  • Format: PDF
Report Scope:
The report has been prepared in a simple, easy-to-understand format.Tables and figures are included to illustrate current and future market scenarios.

The report includes a detailed study of the global and regional markets for various types of welding equipment and consumables, including shielding gases, safety, and protective equipment, as well as automated welding equipment and accessories; and it also provides reasons for variations in the growth of the industry in certain regions.

The study details actual figures from 2018, and CAGR projections for 2021 through 2025 for the global and regional markets. Furthermore, this report is based on future scenarios such as pessimistic, optimistic and consensus, and forecasts give information from the consensus scenario.

This report defines various market sectors, patent reviews, market opportunities; identifies renowned companies; and analyzes markets to provide a four-year (2021-2025) market forecast.

This is an updated version of MFG079F: Welding Equipment and Supplies: The Global Market that rechecks the trends and opportunities in the market. This report also considers the impact of COVID-19 on each segment of the welding equipment and consumables that are covered in this research study.

Report Includes:
- 42 data tables and 50 additional tables
- In-depth analysis of the global market for welding equipment, supplies, and related technologies within the industry
- Analyses of the global market trends, with data corresponding to market size for 2018 and 2019, estimates for 2020 and 2021, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2025
- Evaluation of market growth during the forecast period, and deep-dive of data on the basis of type, end-use application, and geographical region
- Sales figures of major manufacturers, their respective positions in the market, revenue share analysis, competition involved in the field, and the future outlook for these companies
- Discussion of the technology life-cycle costs of various technologies involved as well as the product life cycle of equipment and supplies involved in the processes
- A look at how the value of shipments at the manufacturing level fluctuates with the volume of metals consumed in the global metal and metallurgy industry
- Review of the U.S. patents and new developments by various manufacturers of welding equipment, consumables, and allied equipment
- Key merger and acquisition deals, collaborations, joint ventures and other strategic alliances in the global welding equipment and supplies marketplace
- Competitive landscape featuring major market participants, their global market share analysis and country level presence
- Profile description of major market players including Air Liquide S.A., Coherent Inc., Daihen Corp., Illinois Tool Works Inc., Iwatani Corp., and Sonics & Materials Inc.

The welding equipment market is at a mature phase.With the growing trend toward welding automation and the increase in demand from end-user industries, higher market growth is expected.

Markets for various types of welding equipment, as well as the technology involved, are analyzed in detail in this report.Arc welding equipment holds the largest market share.

The laser welding equipment and plasma welding equipment markets are expected to grow at significant rates in coming years. This report will analyze the present market shares and market forecasts for the next four years for various types of welding equipment and consumables on a global and regional basis.

The welding consumables market is also growing at a steady rate, as consumables are required for both new and existing equipment; this is expected to be the case in the future as well.This report studies this market in detail.

Various gases are used for shielding, as well as for the actual process of welding.This market is flooded with new equipment every year.

The market for these gases is discussed in detail in this report.

More industries are automating their production to a large extent, and robot welding is becoming a standard feature of such automation.The market for welding robots is growing at a higher rate than that of any other type of industrial robot, and a study of the market for industrial welding robots is included in this report.

The market for safety and protective equipment is also growing at a steady rate, with safety regulations being enforced more stringently in developed and developing countries. A study of the market for these products is also covered in this report.

Civil engineering and infrastructure applications comprise the fastest growing segment of all the applications for the various types of welding.A detailed study has been made of the types of welding employed in various designing and building operations in the construction industry.

Other industries, including the petrochemical industry and the automotive industry, are also increasing their share of the welding equipment and consumables market. This report examines these industries in detail with respect to the welding processes involved and their share in these industries.

The rising awareness of welding processes supported by continued advances in R&D presents exciting new opportunities for welding equipment manufacturers.This report studies the development of welding technology and the associated equipment and provides an analysis of the patents issued for welding, welding equipment and welding consumable technologies.

The structure of companies involved in the manufacture, marketing and servicing of welding equipment and associated consumables is studied, with identification of the top companies in the field and the reasons for their dominant positions. Acquisitions and mergers, which are common in most fields of business, are also covered in detail.

The fastest-growing market for welding equipment and consumables is in the Asia-Pacific region, with China taking the lead. The Asia-Pacific market is booming, with many major companies from North America and Europe relocating to this region, as well as setting up new joint ventures in various manufacturing fields.