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The global commercial aircraft industry demonstrates a high focus on developing fuel-efficient aircraft to help their clients (airlines) achieve sustainability targets.This study examines commercial aircraft that scheduled airlines operate. Scheduled airlines operate on different business models: full-service, low-cost, hybrid, and...

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This research service investigates the trends in airline-branded lounge services as airlines begin to recover from the pandemic-induced shutdowns and travel restrictions. The report explores airline-branded lounge features and services that can determine passenger loyalty to the airline and discusses the factors driving and restraining the...

  • Tourism Development
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The US automotive in-vehicle navigation market is converging.Numerous technological developments, such as cloud computing and AI/ML capabilities, have created numerous new use cases. These opportunities include the integration of augmented reality in head-up display (AR HUD), HD mapping and sensor analysis for ADAS, and personalized...

  • Navigation Systems
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This This research service offers a comprehensive analysis of the high-voltage (HV) gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) (including SF6-insulated and alternative gas-insulated equipment rated above 72.5kV) market from 2022 to 2030. The study presents a market revenue forecast based on region (North America; Europe; Asia-Pacific (further segmented...

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The retail industry is undergoing a transformational shift wherein physical and digital customer experiences are converging.Retailers want to leverage digital tools that will help them derive contextual, behavioral, and location-based information to create unique and engaging customer experiences. Digitalized eCommerce platforms will...

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