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  • Global industrial robotics market in rubber and plastic industry 2015-2020 ($ billions)
  • Industrial robotics market in rubber and plastic industry for other applications 2015- 2020 ($ millions)

About Industrial Robotics Robots execute multiple complex tasks with high speed, precision, and accuracy. The rubber and plastic industry has many complex processes, such as molding, stamping, pressing, cutting, dispensing, and painting, which can be done with the help of industrial robotic solutions. The robots have application in...

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  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Incorporation of vision technology
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About Robotics in Paper, Printing, and Publishing Industry The global robotics market in the paper, printing, and publishing industry includes robot applications in material handling and logistics, and industry-specific applications such as debailing, labeling, and wraprolling. Robots are used in the production of paper...

  • Publishing
  • Fanuc Ltd.
  • KION Group
  • Midea Group
  • Mitsubishi Corporation
  • KUKA

The robotics division of KUKA is one of the major suppliers in the field of industrial robotics in the automotive industry.

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  • Battenfeld Group
  • Sepro Group