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Its highest selling products include Betaferon/ Betaseron (multiple sclerosis), YAZ/ Yasmin/ Yasminelle (hormonal contraceptive), Kogenate (hemophilia), Nexavar (cancer), Adalat (hypertension), and Mirena (hormonal contraceptive).

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Apleek is a new generation combined hormonal seven day contraceptive transdermal patch containing ethinyl estradiol and gestodene, which has been developed jointly by Luye Pharma AG and Bayer AG.

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Contraceptives Construction and External Validation of a Predictive Clinico-biological Score of the Risk of Venous Thrombosis in Women Under Combined Oral Contraceptives (PILGRIM) GDCT## NCT##, 2017-##; 2017-A##-## Cardiovascular Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Pulmonary E

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