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Nanoemulsions are characterized by high bioavailability and permeability; it can potentially be used to encapsulate both water- and oil-soluble substances.Due to its small droplet size, the encapsulated particles can remain stable for a period of time and can avoid gravitational issues such as Oswald ripening. Due to the abovementioned...

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Advances in Encapsulation Technologies Stabilize Encapsulated Ingredients and Optimize Targeted Delivery in Various Industries Encapsulation is used to preserve/protect various substances within another material at microscale sizes (microencapsulation) and at nanoscale sizes (nanoencapsulation).The material encapsulated...

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Transcatheter embolization is the practice of introducing material to within the vasculature to induce blood flow occlusions. Transcatheter embolization is effective for treating vessel malformations such as aneurysms, fistulae and bleeding. If left untreated, some of these arteriovenous malformations can ultimately lead to strokes. In addition,...

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