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New Zealand - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts

193 pages • By Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd

UFB connecting over half a million homes while industry pushes for universal 1Gb/s serviceNew Zealand's Ultra-Fast Broadband/Rural Broadband Initiative (UFB/RBI) is continuing to make steady progress. This significant infrastructure development, scheduled to be completed by about 2020, will provide the necessary network capabilities to...

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Jan 2015

IDC MaturityScape: Content Marketing Operations

14 pages • By IDC

This IDC study presents IDC's Content Marketing Operations MaturityScape framework, which identifies the stages, critical measures, outcomes, and actions required for companies to effectively develop global content marketing competency. This maturity model enables an organization to assess its competency and maturity with respect to content...

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Jan 2015

What Is Content Marketing? IDC Defines One of Marketing%s Most Critical New Competencies

5 pages • By IDC

This IDC Insight discusses the formal definition of "content marketing" and "content marketing operations" as provided by IDC's CMO Advisory Service. In addition, IDC positions and differentiates content marketing assets from the traditional, but still important, product marketing assets and corporate marketing assets. These definitions...

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Nov 2014

Africa - Internet and Fixed Broadband Market

264 pages • By Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd

Improved international connectivity reducing internet access pricing for consumers across the continentA number of new international submarine cable links connecting nations on Africa’s east and west coast have considerably improved internet access to the continent. Terrestrial links have enabled land-locked countries to benefit...

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Jun 2014

Net Neutrality international benchmark

138 pages • By IDATE

International benchmark: how are telcos, content providers & regulators positioning themselvesThis report provides an in-depth benchmark of 12 major countries regarding the Net Neutrality debate, taking into account discrimination practices, state of regulatory and political debate, stakeholders positions and provides analysis...

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Apr 2014

The M2M service quality can differentiate MNOs from potentially disruptive TV white space ISPs

By Analysys Mason

TV white space networks have the potential to provide a degree of coverage and support for M2M connectivity. This Comment assesses the threat & posed by alternative ISPs and how it could impact M2M service providers' business strategies.

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Feb 2014

Telkom SA Selling off Its African Assets: Good or Bad?

3 pages • By IDC

This IDC Flash focuses on the recent move by Telkom Group South Africa (SA) to sell its pan-African businesses, namely iWayAfrica and Africa Online Limited (Mauritius), to Internet service provider (ISP) Gondwana International Networks. This document assesses the move and presents IDC's opinion on the future of Telkom SA in Africa.

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Jan 2014

Going, Going...Gone -- Orcon Is Sold (Again)

8 pages • By IDC

This IDC update examines Kordia Group's announcement on April 15, 2013 that it has finalised the sale of Orcon, its Internet service provider (ISP) company catering to residential and small business clients, to a group of local investors led by Warren Hurst.

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May 2013

Western European Broadband Access Services Competitive Analysis, 2007


This document is about Western European Broadband Access Services Competitive Analysis, 2007

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May 2013