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Scope of Report: This report begins with a discussion of primary and secondary lithium battery technologies and markets. Lithium markets and technology are analyzed associated with the following product categories - - Portable products - Computing, smartphones, tablets. - Others. - Wearables (Non-Medical...

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Many products used in everyday life now incorporate nanomaterials Cosmetics, protective coatings, pharmaceuticals, sunscreens, personal care products, high-definition televisions, are examples of end products containing nano-sized particles (NPs), that are generally added to improve the product quality. The Global Market for Nanomaterials...

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Nanomaterials are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives and are already heavily used in products such as sunscreens (titanium dioxide/zinc oxide nanoparticles), sporting goods (carbon nanotubes, graphene etc.), automotive composites (nanotubes, cellulose nanofibers etc.) and high-definition TVs (quantum dots). There use is only going...

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Nano diamonds, similar to other carbon nano materials, i.e., graphene, fullerene, and nanotubes, are one of the few nano materials being produced on a commercial scale.

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The Global Market for Nanocoatings 2020-2030 provides a 658 page analysis of market size, applications, growth prospects, impact of COVID-19, market challenges, drivers and opportunities. The use of advanced nanocoatings to mitigate viruses and environmental damage has emerged in 2020. Applied to high-transmission surfaces the use of nanocoatings...

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For example, liposomes (vesicles with at least one lipid bilayer) and niosomes (non-ionic surfactant-based vesicles) have been used in ant aging cosmetic products, fullerenes as free radical scavengers in skin rejuvenating products, and gold and silver nano-particles in day and night creams.

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Gold and silver nanoparticles and fullerenes are inorganic nanoparticles and useful in manufacturing of effective cosmeceuticals formulations such as haircare and skincare.

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Furthermore, it is the basic structural element of many other allotropes of carbon-such as carbon nanotubes ## , charcoal, diamond, fullerenes ## and graphite.

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Besides the classical form of carbon like diamond and graphite, well ordered formations like graphene, nanotubes or fullerenes and less ordered structures like carbon nanofoams, nanoporous carbon, amorphous carbon (a-C) or diamond-like carbon (ta-C or a-C:H), which additionally can include hydrogen or nitrogen, have been discovered and studied.

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